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This is a Health Solutions Medical Information Storage System for large medical file sizes up to 2 Gig per single upload. Most Medical Image files exceed common email services that only accept binary attachments, such as image, audio, application, and video files.

You can Upload your files by clicking on the Medical Uploader link below:


Health Solutions Technology allows for a secure user friendly transfer of information to your Health Team of Physicians and Providers. A .dcm file is a Bitmap or Raster Image that specifies the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image called DICOM used widely in the Medical Industry. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) introduced this DICOM standard in order to facilitate the process of sharing and presenting Digital Medical images resulting from scans like MRI, CT and ultrasound etc. Please copy the entire CD to a file in your name on your computer.

It is best to Zip or Compress multiple files in a file folder for a single upload or attachment. Multiple files can be combined in a folder and zipped together to act as one upload. How to Unzip and Zip files 

When uploading large files such as these, we do recommend that you use Google Chrome. Chrome is one of the only web browser that was successful when uploading a file of 1GB in size.

If you are experiencing problems while trying to upload a file into your health portal, one of our Health Coaches can upload them for you by using a "control remote" software that will allow us to access your computer and handle the files for you. Small things you may want to try is: refreshing the page, a different browser, updating your browser, try "Drag and drop files here" to upload or use the "Select Files" link.

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